Symbolic Wedding


For a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Santorini, There is no need for Legal Documentation!

You can book your Celebrant of Santorini to perform the ceremony the day of your wedding without the need of legal document preparation, The cost for the Wedding Ceremony by the official Santorini wedding celebrant is 500 Euros.

*This Package includes the Wedding Celebrant & The Memorable Wedding Vows / Certificate as a proof of your Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Santorini.*

Caffè Lattè

Like a traditional Caffè Machiatto



Espresso and a milk foam mixture


Double Espresso

A shot of espresso, whipped cream


Flat White

Espresso and lightly frosted milk



Espresso and lightly frosted milk


Iced Lattè

Espresso and lightly frosted milk


Irish Coffe

Classic coffee with Irish whiskey


Lattè Machiatto

Like a traditional caffè latte


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